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((hiatus done, i guess, haha. i got my computer in my room finally so i’ll have a lot more time to run this blog if i don’t keep putting it off„

for now i’ll probably draw up some more updated refs of roy and maybe finally find a faceclaim for him

i hope you all had a good holiday as well! ^^ i got the bioshock 2 gift pack and a skyhook, my bioshock merch collection is growing rapidly))

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Andrew Ryan’s New Year’s Speech (x)

((ah sorry guys, i’m busy with grades and christmas and whatnot

i’ll most likely be on a little hiatus until after break. so see y’all then!))

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Rotting Fast 


Already a chord of distaste within him had been struck. Whoever this was, it wasn’t to come as much of a shock that he’d already rather him dead.

"Mind your business.”

"Not my fault you were rambling." Roy shrugged, crossing his arms and keeping a loose grip on the sickle. "Not sure what you were talking ‘bout, but it did pique my interest despite that."

(190) (x)

(190) (x)

first speedpaint yeee

uh so i drew heirofrapture’s jack cause dang he’s fun to draw

and theres a static eyes version because why not

whoops sorry pokemon x momentarily took over my life

ive been thinking a lot about how roy ended up with his glasgow grin

like getting into a fight with a spider splicer, and it ended up fuckin up his mouth with its hooks before getting its head pounded in by roy

then roy has to sit down and stitch up the cuts on his face himself; probably really clumsily since he’d be losing a lot of blood and would be crying like a lot


I'm Not Dead Yet

Name's Roy. Now what the hell do you want
((RP Blog for my Bioshock OC Roy Williams.))

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